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So what are Team Hutton up to now?

Tom’s challenging challenges

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I am going to be doing the self-styled Cotswold Way Challenge‘ on Saturday 24 May and the (perhaps slightly ambitious) ‘Day in the Lakes – Half Ironman‘ on Sunday 29 June.


Me after the 2013 London Marathon – just beat 4 hours – job done!

The Cotswold Way Challenge entails an 84 mile hike in 36 continuous hours along a stretch of the Cotswold Way with two of my work colleagues.

The Half Ironman involves:

  • A 1.2 mile swim in Ullswater (England’s most beautiful lake apparently!);
  • A 56 mile bike ride; and
  • A cheeky half-marathon to round it off!

We have decided to take on these challenges so we can continue to raise money to save lives at sea and in memory of Charlie. Our target is to reach £20,000 by the end of 2014, so please give whatever you can. I hope you can dig into your pockets once more to help raise money for this fantastic cause. We will be sure to keep you updated with our efforts via the Virgin Money Giving link here and Team Hutton blogs.

Thanks for all your support


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